Episode 620: A company that recycles t-shirts into t-shirts, a very thought-provoking Mister Rogers quote, a new form of artificial cartilage, the history of Disneyland’s Space Mountain, the hard-bop grandpop Horace Silver, and more…

Good News: An amazing t-shirt company makes their wares from recycled previous t-shirts! Link HERE.

The Good Word: Another amazing quote from Mister Rogers.

Good To Know: An amazing fact about the effects The Moon has on the surface of the Earth!

Good News: A new type of artificial cartilage may give hope to the millions of people who suffer from arthritic knees, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Learn the remarkable history of Disneyland’s legendary Space Mountain, HERE.

Good Company: Listen to an amazing interview with one of the great pianists of jazz, Horace Silver, HERE.

Sounds Good:…and then listen to Horace Silver actually playing with his brilliant quintet in 1958, HERE.

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