Episode 614: A vegan football team in the UK plans on a timber stadium, an impressive fact about parrots, a fantastic new park in Manchester, England, the amazing Russian restaurant Kachka in Portland, the wonders of the music of Claude Debussy, and more…

Good News: A UK based vegan football team is making waves and has been promoted to the UK’s League One, AND plans to build their stadium out of wood! Link HERE.

The Good Word: Another terrific quote from Count Basie.

Good To Know: An impressive bit of trivia about how well African Grey Parrots can speak!

Good News: The city of Manchester, England, has created a delightful mew park, inspired by New York City’s High Line, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Check out the amazing Russian restaurant, Kachka, in Portland, Oregon! Link HERE.

Good Times: Happy belated birthday to Claude Debussy! Listen to the great conductor Esa-Pekka Salonen as he explains the differences and similarities between Debussy and his contemporary, Ravel, HERE.

Sounds Good: Continuing to celebrate Debussy, listen to (and watch) this extraordinary performance of one of his most famous works, Suite Bergamasque, HERE.

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