Episode 612: Jaguar populations make a comeback in Argentina, an odd fact about sleeping ducks, Paris continues to promote bikes over cars, the Polynesian delights of Portland’s Hale Pele, Count Basie and His Orchestra swing in 1960, and more…

Good News: Conservation efforts in Argentina have led to the birth of at least two baby Jaguar cubs recently! Link HERE.

The Good Word: More great life advice on individualism, from Count Basie!

Good To Know: A pretty fun fact about sleeping ducks.

Good News: Paris is offering up to 4,000 Euros for people to switch from automobiles to cargo bikes, Link HERE.

Wonderful World + Bon Appetit: Take a trip to the South Pacific, right in Portland, Oregon! Visit the Polynesian cocktail paradise that is Hale Pele, HERE.

Sounds Good: The birthday celebration of Count Basie continues, this time with their fiery performance of “Whirly-Bird” live on the Ed Sullivan Show! Link HERE.

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