Episode 611: A cure for blindness from corneal disease, an odd fact about ostriches, the amazing comfort food brunch venue Screen Door in Portland, the irresistible swing of Count Basie and His Orchestra, and more…

Good News: A breakthrough in to restore vision to certain blind people, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A great bit of life advice from Count Basie.

Good To Know: A startling fact about ostriches…

Good News: The Inflationary Reduction Act was passed by Congress recently, a huge step forward in the fight agains climate change, among other things!

Wonderful World: Check out the amazing Screen Door restaurant in Portland, Oregon! Specializing in Southern comfort foods, it’s a delight. Link HERE.

Good One: Your weekly hilarious (?) joke!

Sounds Good: Happy belated birthday to the immortal Count Basie! Check him out playing with his orchestra in 1941, swinging “Dance of the Gremlins” and “Swingin’ The Blues”, HERE.

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