Episode 608: Marble sculptures defending seabeds, a phenomenal passage by Salman Rushdie, good news for the scents of nature, the wonders of the National Wine Center of Australia, the wholesome joys of Bluey, the deep swing of the Oscar Peterson Trio, and more…

Good News: A coastal Italian town is using marble sculptures thrown into the sea to fight illegal trawling, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A truly amazing passage written by Salman Rushdie.

Good To Know: Some surprising (?) information about wasabi!

Good News: Your health may be boosted by the scents and aromas of nature, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Learn about the amazing wine culture of Australia with a visit to the National Wine Center of Australia in Adelaide, HERE.

Good For You: Turning again to the wholesome wonder of the Australian children’s program, Bluey! Check out a travel-themed collection of clips, HERE.

Sounds Good: More brilliant music from the Oscar Peterson Trio! This time: “Bags Groove”, from the same amazing concert in Denmark in 1964. Listen and watch HERE.

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