Episode 603: Dutch university students create a carbon negative car, a famous quote from Socrates, a Japanese newspaper that sprouts when planted, the beauty of Italy’s Milan and Lake Como, the powerful blues singing of Jimmy Witherspoon, and more…

Good News: Students at a University in The Netherlands have created a prototype car that eliminates more CO2 than it creates! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A classic quote from the illustrious Socrates.

Good To Know: The surprising story behind one particular chair at Yale University…

Good News: A Japanese newspaper is fighting environmental damage by embedding seeds in its compostable pages, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Wander the lovely city of Milan and relax at Lake Como, courtesy of Rick Steves, HERE.

Good For You + Sounds Good: Happy belated birthday to the blues and jazz singer, Jimmy Witherspoon! His vocals are truly Good For You, so check them out HERE

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