Episode 602: Scotland is building the largest wind farm in Europe, a brilliant quote from Pericles, the splendor of Italy’s Amalfi Coast, the delights of Tuscany’s slow food culture, the bluesy swing of Lucky Millinder & His Orchestra, and more…

Good News: The largest offshore wind farm in Europe is slated to go online soon off the coast of Scotland! Link HERE

The Good Word: A powerful reminder from Ancient Greek leader Pericles.

Good To Know: A tragic yet triumphant bit of historical trivia.

Good News: A fascinating new method of gathering scallops, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore the stunningly beautiful Amalfi Coast of Italy, HERE.

Bon Appetit: Whet your appetite with this lovely excerpt from Rick Steves Europe all about the slow food of Tuscany! Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy belated birthday to the great swing and R&B bandleader, Lucky Millinder! Check out this performance featuring singer Annisteen Allen, HERE.

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