Episode 598: Biogas from brewery waste, a great Louis Armstrong quote, subsidized solar power for low-income families in Delaware, cocktails at NYC’s Pegu Club, James Hoffmann teaches you about espresso drinks, and more…

Good News: An alternative fuel startup is partnering with a brewery to create biogas from the brewer’s waste, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A classic quote from Louis Armstrong.

Good To Know: A pretty cool fact about trumpets!

Good News: The State of Delaware is introducing a program to subsidize solar power for low and middle income families, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Spend some time at NYC’s now-extinct Pegu Club and its founder, the legendary Audrey Saunders. Link HERE.

Good For You: Truly great espresso is definitely Good For You, and James Hoffmann is here to guide you through it all, HERE.

Sounds Good: Watch this phenomenal film of Louis Armstrong onstage in Copenhagen in 1934, swinging his way through three classics! It’s all HERE.

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