Episode 595: Botswana drastically reduces HIV in infants, two great Tolkien quotes, great news for the Kakapo parrot population in New Zealand, the wonders of historic London, the brilliant but short life of Charlie Christian, and more…

Good News: Botswana has drastically reduced the incidence of mother-to-infant HIV transmission through amazing efforts, Link HERE.

The Good Word: Wrapping up a week of JRR Tolkien quotes with a pair of memorable ones.

Good To Know: A pretty cool fact about boiling water on Mount Everest.

Good News: The population of an adorable but endangered flightless parrot in New Zealand has rebounded to the highest numbers on record! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: One more day exploring England alongside Rick Steves brings us to delightful London! Link HERE.

Good Company: Learn a bit about the brief but brilliant life of our Sounds Good featured artist, Charlie Christian, HERE.

Sounds Good: Listen to a phenomenal recording of Charlie Christian jamming after hours on the song “Topsy” and showing his ideas that would influence jazz music forever. It’s HERE.

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