Episode 593: Bison return to the hills of England, another amazing quote from JRR Tolkien, a cycling boom is sweeping London, Phil Rosenthal eats his way around Tokyo, Charlie Christian’s musical revolution, and more…

Good News: European Bison have been reintroduced to England’s wilderness and are roaming free for the first time in two thousand years! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A truly thoughtful quote from JRR Tolkien.

Good To Know: A startling fact from the depths of Medieval history…

Good News: London is experiencing a real cycling renaissance, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Our tour of England with Rick Steves continues today, with a visit to Northern England and the lovely city of Durham and its stunning cathedral! Link HERE.

Good For You: Phil Rosenthal’s delightful travel/food/life shows (Somebody Feed Phil & I’ll Have What Phil’s Having) are definitively Good For You. Check out the Tokyo episode, HERE.

Sounds Good: The first of three straight days celebrating the upcoming birthday of the great jazz and swing guitarist, Charlie Christian! Listen to his seminal solo on “Rose Room”, HERE.

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