Episode 587: How to make deforestation-free pensions, a lovely quote from C.S. Lewis, plant-based bottles, the beauty of Palau, a great garlic-shrimp-udon noodle recipe, Creedence Clearwater Revival LIVE, and more…

Good News: Some of the money invested in pensions and retirement funds aids deforestation…Use THIS GUIDE to find out how to avoid that.

The Good Word: A truly wonderful quote from C.S. Lewis.

Good To Know: Some historical ice cream trivia!

Good News: New, plant-based bottles are coming to your liquor store shelves! Learn about this incredible innovation HERE.

Wonderful World: Spend a few minutes virtually diving the waters of Palau in Micronesia, HERE.

Bon Appetit: Need something quick, easy, and delicious for dinner tonight? Watch the delightful YouTube chef, Marion Grasby, as she makes 15-minute garlic shrimp udon noodles, HERE.

Sounds Good: Watch the brilliant Creedence Clearwater Revival perform “Down On The Corner” LIVE on the Ed Sullivan Show in 1969, HERE.

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