Episode 578: Protecting the underwater Hudson Canyon, Shakespeare’s Sonnet 18, the marvels of the Library of Congress, the delights of Tom Hanks on The Graham Norton Show, the classic jazz sax of Hank Mobley, and more…

Good News: NOAA is seeking to create a marine sanctuary to protect an underwater canyon off the coast of New York, Link HERE.

The Good Word: Shakespeare’s classic Sonnet 18!

Good To Know: A surprising culinary fact about tulip bulbs.

Good News: A plumber with a heart of gold has created a company to take care of some of England’s most vulnerable and created a GoFundMe to help make it happen, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Learn a thing or two about the remarkable Library of Congress, HERE.

Good For You: Watching a few minutes of Tom Hanks on The Graham Norton Show is definitely Good For You. Check it out HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy early birthday to the brilliant jazz sax player, Hank Mobley! Listen to his seminal album, Soul Station, HERE.

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