Episode 575: Amazing strides in the fight agains climate change in the EU, a classic poem by Walt Whitman, the many wonders of Central America, the remarkably long and brilliant career of jazz pianist Ahmad Jamal, and more…

Good News: The EU has agreed to impressive legislation to fight climate change within this decade, Link HERE.

The Good Word: The brilliant and famous poem “O Me! O Life!” by Walt Whitman.

Good To Know: A genuinely surprising fact about our solar system’s asteroid belt!

Good News: Learn more about the incredible environment competition, The Afri-Plastics Challenge, HERE!

Wonderful World: Get a brief overview of the many wonders to be found in Central America, courtesy of Lonely Planet. Link HERE.

Good Company + Sounds Good: Happy birthday, tomorrow, to the legendary jazz pianist, Ahmad Jamal! Check out this great INTERVIEW, and then listen to Jamal and his trio performing “Poinciana”, HERE.

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