Episode 574: Eat more fish to fight Alzheimer’s, listen to a classic poem by John Donne, floating drones clean up rivers, the many wonders of Costa Rica, the remarkable guitar playing of Chet Atkins, and more…

Good News: Eating more fish may fight the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease, Link HERE.

The Good Word: “No Man Is An Island”, by John Donne.

Good To Know: A truly fascinating fact about outer space…

Good News: Amazing new aquatic drones and other inventions are helping to catch plastic waste in rivers before it gets to the oceans, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore some of the myriad delights of Costa Rica, HERE.

Good Times + Sounds Good: Celebrating the life and artistry of the brilliant finger style guitarist, Chet Atkins! Check out his remarkable performance of “Dark Eyes”, HERE.

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