Episode 555: Good news for some rhino populations, a truly great GK Chesterton quote, progress in the fight agains Sleeping Sickness, the delights of a Martini at the Savoy Hotel in London, the genius of Oliver Nelson, and more…

Good News: The population of One-Horned Rhinos in India and Nepal is on the rise! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A quote worth pondering, from G.K. Chesterton.

Good To Know: A delightful fact about Pennsylvania, the home state of Mister Rogers!

Good News: Major progress is being made in Africa, in the fight agains Sleeping Sickness, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Enjoy the spectacle of a classic gin martini being crafted for you in the hands of a brilliant bartender at the Savoy Hotel in London! Link HERE.

Good Company: Check out the time Julia Child stopped by Mister Rogers Neighborhood and showed him a recipe for some spaghetti, HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the brilliant musician, composer and arranger, Oliver Nelson! Listen to the classic track “Stolen Moments” from his seminal album “The Blues and the Abstract Truth”, HERE.

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