Episode 550: The “Green Nobel Prizes” are awarded, a lovely quote from Tolstoy, hope in the fight against climate change, the beauty of rural Germany, the genius of Gonzalo Rubalcaba, and more…

Good News: The “Green Nobel Prizes” have been awarded recently! Learn more HERE.

The Good Word: A truly splendid quote from Leo Tolstoy.

Good To Know: Some surprising and useful information about rhubarb…

Good News: Potential hope in the ongoing fight against climate change, centering around methane, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Let Rick Steves show you around Hamburg, Erfurt, Wittenburg and Wurzburg! Link HERE.

Good Company: Spend a few minutes in the very Good Company of the great Wynton Marsalis as he talks about the jazz legends he knew, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the phenomenal Afro-Cuban jazz pianist, Gonzalo Rubalcaba! Watch and listen to him perform “Autumn Leaves”, HERE.

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