Episode 548: More reasons to love urban trees, a classic quote from Thoreau, the EU takes more steps to boost solar energy use, Rick Steves shows us more of Germany, the legendary swing dancer Frankie Manning, and more…

Good News: A report newly published in Belgium has shown some impressive correlation between old, big urban trees and improved health and well-being, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A wonderful quote about nature, from Henry David Thoreau.

Good To Know: Some interesting information about cranberries!

Good News: The European Union is moving forward with a plan to require solar panels on all public buildings by 2025, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a scenic cruise down the Rhine River in Germany and stroll the historic streets of Rothenburg, alongside Rick Steves! Link HERE.

Good For You + Sounds Good: Happy birthday to one of the most important swing dancers of all time, Frankie Manning! Watch him dance in the phenomenal dance scene from “Hellzapoppin'”, HERE.

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