Episode 547: No fake grass at the Chelsea Flower Show, a lovely bit of verse from Lord Byron, the delights of Frankfurt and Nurnberg, the amazing food of Berlin, the phenomenal dancing of Bill Robinson, and more…

Good News: The Chelsea Flower Show has banned the use of artificial turf, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A lovely excerpt of a poem by Lord Byron, celebrating nature.

Good To Know: A pleasant bit of information about donut peaches!

Good News: Comedy is being prescribed to help fight trauma and depression in the UK, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore the wonders of Frankfurt and Nurnberg, with your guide Rick Steves, HERE.

Bon Appetit: Curious about street food in Berlin? Check out this splendid video about a few of the can’t-miss specialties, HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy Birthday to the great tap dancer, Bill “Bojangles” Robinson! Watch him perform his signature stair dance routine, HERE

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