Episode 540: More advances in battery-powered air travel, a brilliant JM Barrie quote, the largest cheese ever made, the food delights of Florence, the brilliant Red Garland, and more…

Good News: A battery-powered aircraft completed two test flights from the airfield of Little Snoring, in the UK! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A short, but thought-provoking quote from J.M. Barrie.

Good To Know: Learn a bit about the largest cheese ever made!

Good News: A vaccine is showing promise in the fight against Multiple Sclerosis, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Wrapping up a week exploring Italy, we spend an evening enjoying the culinary delights of Florence, with Rick Steves! Link HERE.

Good Company: Mister Rogers is always Good Company, so spend about fifteen minutes watching his interviews on the Charlie Rose Show, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the amazing jazz pianist, Red Garland! Listen to the Red Garland Trio as they swing their way through “Stompin’ At The Savoy”, HERE.

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