Episode 534: Getting rid of toxic chemicals in the EU, a lovely Browning quote, the delights of the Washington State Ferries, the brilliant “Satin Doll” by Duke Ellington, and more…

Good News: The EU is moving to put legislation in place to remove toxic chemicals from loads of sources, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A truly great quote from Robert Browning!

Good To Know: Ever wonder what the most expensive book in the world is…?

Good News: More great headway being made in the fight agains cancer! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Taking a cruise across Puget Sound on one of the Washington State Ferries in the springtime is a delight! Learn more about these ships HERE.

Good Times: On this date in 1961, Alan Shepard, Jr. became the first American astronaut in space. Learn more HERE.

Sounds Good: Check out Duke Ellington and his Orchestra as they perform one of their hit pop songs, the amazing “Satin Doll”, HERE.

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