Episode 527: A breakthrough in the fight agains prostate cancer, a weird fact about some Shakespeare translations, watch Walt Disney give a sneak peek into the development of Disneyland, Ella swings “Too Close For Comfort” and more…

Good News: Sir David Attenborough has been given the title “Champion of the Earth” by the UN! Learn more HERE.

The Good Word: A brilliant Shakespeare quote on his birthday!

Good To Know: A genuinely surprising fact about some Shakespeare plays you can read in another language…

Good News: A brilliant breakthrough in the fight against prostate cancer, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Watch the delightful TV special that Walt Disney produced to give the public a peek into the development of “Disneyland”, HERE.

Bon Appetit: Learn about the history of the beloved Disneyland treat, the Dole Whip, HERE.

Sounds Good: Be amazed at the last TV appearance of Ella Fitzgerald and her phenomenal performance of the song “Too Close For Comfort”, HERE.

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