Episode 524: A more effective test for heart disease, a brilliant quote from Shakespeare, more news from the fight against climate misinformation, the evolution of the bicycle, and more…

Good News: A brilliant new test on blood proteins doubles the chance to diagnose heart attacks, strokes and heart failure early! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A fantastic quote from Shakespeare’s As You Like It.

Good To Know: Some great facts about Shakespeare’s influence on the English language.

Good News: Pinterest takes the lead among social media platforms, in the fight agains climate change misinformation, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore and learn about the many homes associated with Shakespeare and his family, HERE.

Good Times: Celebrating the birthday of the “Father of Modern Bicycles in England”, James Starley. Learn about the evolution of bicycle design via a great short animation, HERE.

Sounds Good: The music of the age of Shakespeare, played on period-accurate instruments, HERE.

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