Episode 518: Help for jaundiced babies in Africa, surprising facts about ancient Egyptian doctors, the stunning Rani Ki Vav site in India, the joys of The Lone Ranger radio show, and more…

Good News: An incredible Nigerian startup has created a low-cost, portable unit to treat jaundice in newborns, Link HERE.

The Good Word: Timeless wisdom from Ali Ibn Abi Talib

Good To Know: Some interesting information about ancient Egyptian doctors!

Good News: Schools using mindfulness and meditation to help schoolchildren improve their mental health and lives! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore the incredible Rani Ki Vav stepwell in India, HERE.

Good For You: Old Time Radio Shows are definitely Good For You, and The Lone Ranger is one of the quintessential shows from that era! Listen to a few episodes for yourself, HERE.

Sounds Good: Celebrate the anniversary of the birth of the great jazz sax player, Bud Freeman, by listening to his performance at the Nice Jazz Festival in 1978, HERE.

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