Episode 497: Trees are better for the climate than we knew, a great quote from Walt Whitman, the stunning beauty of Petra in Jordan, the glories of coffee, the genius of A Tribe Called Quest, and more….

Good News: Researchers discover yet another amazing way in which forest trees help mitigate carbon dioxide, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A classic quote from the brilliant Walt Whitman.

Good To Know: A little bit of trivia about coffee…

Good News: Scientists and researchers at the University of Bath in England have hit upon a method to recycle plastics at room temperature in mere minutes! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Let National Geographic take you on an awe-inspiring tour of Petra, in Jordan, Link HERE.

Bon Appetit: Travel all across the world and explore the many ways different cultures enjoy their coffee, HERE.

Sounds Good: Continuing our week-long rumination on great albums to own on vinyl, we listen to the seminal 1993 alubum “Midnight Marauders” from A Tribe Called Quest. Listen HERE.

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