Episode 495: An important shipwreck found, some brilliantly terrible poetry, the otherworldly beauty of Socotra, lots of amazingness from Douglas Adams, and more…

Good News: The wreck of the long-lost Antarctic expeditionary ship, The Endurance, has finally been found! Link HERE.

The Good Word: Some wonderfully awful Vogon poetry, by Douglas Adams!

Good To Know: A genuinely surprising fact about stars and trees…

Good News: Want to learn about parks in your area? Check out this amazing interactive map from the Trust for Public Lands, HERE.

Wonderful World: One of the most amazing and unusual places in the world, Socotra, is the focus of an incredibly informative little video HERE.

Good Company: Today would have been Douglas Adams’s 70th birthday! Watch this brilliant interview with him, HERE.

Sounds Good: And watch some (pretty rough but still incredible) video of Douglas Adams playing onstage with Pink Floyd for his 42nd birthday in 1994! Link HERE.

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