Episode 493: US Women’s soccer gets pay parity, a great Douglas Adams quote, a hotel made entirely of salt, a gentle meditation guru from England, the classic U2 album “The Joshua Tree”, and more…

Good News: The US Women’s soccer team will finally be paid the same amount as their male counterparts in competitions, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A brilliantly clever quote from Douglas Adams!

Good To Know: A surprising fact about solar energy…

Good News: Still MORE evidence about the benefits of regular exercise, this time regarding strength-building activities, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Check out this National Geographic video about a remarkable hotel in Bolivia, made entirely out of salt! Link HERE.

Good For You: Meditation is definitively Good For You, and John Butler is a delightfully soft-spoken guide, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Celebrate the anniversary of the release of U2’s classic 1987 album, The Joshua Tree! Listen to the whole darned thing HERE.

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