Episode 480: Fin Whale populations on the rise, a great quote from Rosa Parks, the glories of Scotch whisky, the brilliance of Louis Armstrong, and more…

Good News: Fin whales, the second largest animals on Earth, are having a population rebound thanks to conservation efforts! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A brilliant quote from the amazing Rosa Parks.

Good To Know: A surprising bit of history about Edinburgh…

Good News: The UK supermarket chain, Morrison’s, will scrap “Use By” dates on their branded milk to help curb food waste, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a visit, alongside Rick Steves, to the amazing Scotch whiskey emporium, Cadenhead, on the Royal Mile in Edinburgh, Link HERE.

Good Company: Check out this delightfully animated (literally) interview with Louis Armstrong from 1964, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Revisit the powerful and passionate performance of “Black and Blue” by Louis Armstrong and His All-Stars, live in Berlin in 1965, HERE.

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