Episode 476: Technology allows a paralytic to walk, a great quote from Booker T. Washington, the best coffee in Edinburgh, the brilliant Wardell Gray on tenor sax, and more…

Good News: An amazing spinal cord implant has allowed a man whose spinal cord was severed, to walk again through technology, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A great quote from Booker T. Washington.

Good To Know: Some impressive facts about the Edinburgh Fringe Festival!

Good News: More good news in the fight agains breast cancer!

Wonderful World: Revisiting a favorite, The Milkman coffee shop in Edinburgh, Link HERE.

Good One: Your weekly good (?) joke!

Sounds Good: Celebrating the life and musicianship of the great jazz tenor sax player, Wardell Gray! Watch him perform with the Count Basie Sextet in 1950, HERE.

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