Episode 475: Iceland to ban whaling, a great quote from Thurgood Marshall, the amazing WWI Museum in Kansas City, the soulful sax genius of Sonny Rollins, and more…

Good News: Iceland, one of only three nations still allowing commercial whaling, may be giving it up! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A terrific quote from the brilliant Thurgood Marashall.

Good To Know: An impressive fact about pomegranate seeds!

Good News: Some very compelling reasons to add more beans and legumes to your diet, according to a newly released study, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Next time you visit Kansas City, be sure to visit the brilliant National World War One Museum and Memorial. Check out a video of it, HERE.

Good Company: Listen to a few lovely excerpts from and interview with the great jazz sax player, Sonny Rollins, HERE.

Sounds Good: And while you’re at it, listen to Sonny Rollins and his quartet perform his biggest hit, “St. Thomas”, HERE.

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