Episode 473: We have more kinds of trees than we thought, a great quote from Ella Fitzgerald, an incredible breakthrough in the fight against leukemia, the delightful film “Cold Comfort Farm”, and more…

Good News: It turns out that there are 14% more tree species on Earth than we previously estimated! Learn more HERE.

The Good Word: A lovely and important quote from Ella Fitzgerald.

Good To Know: A really really surprising fact about raisins in the United States…

Good News: A form of gene therapy may well be an actual cure for Leukemia and other forms of blood cancer, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Check out the delightful Overland Park Botanical Gardens & Arboretum, and all its many wonders, HERE.

Good For You: A little ode to the splendidly pleasant film “Cold Comfort Farm” (1995), Link to the trailer HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy Birthday to the brilliant and innovative swing-era bass player, Walter “Big ‘Un” Page! Listen to him take a rare solo on “Pagin’ the Devil” in 1939, HERE.

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