Ep 460: The UK is set to trial a 4-day work week, one more great Maya Angelou quote, the beauty of London at night, the stunning drumming of Gene Krupa, and more…

Good News: The concept of a 4-Day work week is spreading globally and the UK is the latest to give it a go! Learn more HERE.

The Good Word: One more wise quote from Maya Angelou.

Good To Know: Another bizarre historical fact about a soda brand…

Good News: More than 70 new species of plants and animals were discovered in 2021! Find out more about them HERE.

Wonderful World: Few places on Earth are a magical as the city of London from above, at night. See what all the fuss is about, HERE.

Good Company: Benedict Cumberbatch may specialize in playing unpleasant characters, but he is evidently entirely pleasant himself. See how pleasant HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy belated birth anniversary to the great Swing drummer, Gene Krupa! Watch him do his thing with Benny Goodman & His Orchestra in their signature flag-waver, “Sing, Sing, Sing” HERE.

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