Episode 456: A great new ocean cleanup group, a classic quote from Maya Angelou, a startling fact about 7up, the rhythmic innovations of Kenny “Klook” Clarke, and more…

Good News: A non-profit organization in the Netherlands is creating machines to stop plastic pollutants from rivers before they enter the ocean, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A brilliant and justifiably famous quote from Maya Angelou.

Good To Know: A startling fact about the history of 7up Soda.

Good News: A lowland mountain gorilla was born in the Virunga National Park in Congo, a major win for gorilla conservationists! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a beautiful aerial tour of the historic and lovely Tynemouth Priory in the north of England, Link HERE.

Good One: Your weekly AMAZING joke…

Sounds Good: Celebrate the birthday (yesterday!) of one of the great innovators in jazz music history, the pioneering bebop drummer Kenny “Klook” Clarke. Watch him swing HERE

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