Episode 450: Global shipping heads toward zero emissions, one more great quote from Desmond Tutu, “extinct” bees found in England, the stunning beauty of Samoa, the joie de vivre of Phil Rosenthal, a lovely tune from the John Coltrane Quartet, and more…

Good News: The global shipping industry took several important and potentially game-changing steps last year to reduce and eliminate their emissions, Link HERE.

The Good Word: One last, fantastic quote from the brilliant Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Good To Know: A fascinating collection of facts about kiwi birds!

Good News; A whole species of honeybees, believed to possibly be extinct, has been rediscovered on the grounds of Blenheim Palace in Oxfordshire, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Give yourself a tropical vacation on the gorgeous Samoan Islands, HERE.

Good Company: Spend a few minutes in the delightfully Good Company of one of the patron saints of this podcast, Phil Rosenthal, and listen to him answer some fun questions from Larry King, HERE.

Sounds Good: Head out into your weekend with some gorgeous jazz! Listen to “Central Park West” from the album Coltrane’s Sound, by the John Coltrane Quartet. Link HERE.

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