Episode 448: No more plastic on fruit & veg in France, a brilliant quote from Desmond Tutu, the beauty of Oahu’s North Shore, a great way to learn about art, the phenomenal talent of Sammy Davis, Jr., and more…

Good News: France has banned single use plastic wrap from fruits and vegetables in markets, effective on this past New Year’s Day! Link HERE

The Good Word: Another fantastic quote from Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

Good To Know: Some really amazing trivia about Ospreys!

Good News: New U.S. infrastructure legislation will work to finally eliminate ALL lead pipes that bring water to people, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a virtual, aerial tour of the delights of the North Shore of Oahu, HERE.

Good For You: Learning new things AND appreciating great art are both Good For You! Do both with a remarkable series of mini-documentaries, HERE.

Sounds Good: Dig the amazing sounds and dancing of the unbelievably talented entertainer, Sammy Davis, Jr. in a performance from 1962. Link HERE.

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