Episode 432: Portugal quits coal power, a thought-provoking Mister Rogers quote, a step toward fusion power, the amazing cheesemongers of Murray’s, the swingin’ jazz of Clark Terry, and more…

Good News: Portugal’s last coal-fueled power plant shut down recently, making them the fourth European nation to end coal energy, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A truly important quote from Mister Rogers.

Good Ton Know: A fascinating historic tidbit about cheese legislation in Wisconsin!

Good News: Scientists and researchers have taken a significant step toward achieving nuclear fusion, Link HERE.

Wonderful World + Bon Appetit: Murray’s Cheese Shop on Bleecker Street in New York City has been providing cheese to their customers since the 1940s, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to one of jazz music’s most beloved stars, the late, great Clark Terry. Listen to his flugelhorn genius on “Straight, No Chaser”, HERE.

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