Episode 430: A reef in Indonesia bounces back from disaster, a brilliant poem from Kenneth Rexroth, New Zealand takes a stand against tobacco, the beauty of the Strasbourg Christmas Market, and more…

Good News: A reef which was destroyed by dynamite fishing (!) has been regrown and reseeded back to health and is now attracting the rest of the marine ecosystem, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A wondrous poem from the brilliant Kenneth Rexroth.

Good To Know: Some amazing facts about the Christmas tree industry in the U.S.

Good News: New Zealand is taking a remarkable step to keep their citizens healthy by effectivly banning the purchase of tobacco products for future generations, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Wander around the charming delights of the Christmas Market of Strasbourg, France! Link HERE.

Good Company + Sounds Good: Paul McCartney seems like some very Good Company to spend time with, and his music is, of course, brilliant. Enjoy both his company AND music HERE.

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