Episode 428: Jaguar populations rebounding in Mexico, a lovely winter poem from Thomas Hardy, Ecuador protects a cloud forest, the delights of the Salzburg Christmas Markets, Ella Fitzgerald swings “Sleigh Ride”, and more…

Good News: The government of Ecuador has passed legislation to protect a cloud forest there, citing the Rights of Nature, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A beautiful poem about winter from Thomas Hardy.

Good To Know: A very fun bit of history about a certain holiday beverage…

Good News: The wild jaguar population of Mexico is rebounding strongly, thanks to a confluence of conservation efforts, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a brief, but delightful virtual tour of the Christmas Markets to be found in lovely Salzburg, Link HERE.

Good For You: Take a peek behind the scenes to see how some of the movie magic was created on the splendid Christmas movie “Elf”, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Swing in the season with a little help from Ella Fitzgerald, and her wonderfully jazzy rendition of “Sleigh Ride”, HERE

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