Episode 427: A massive rewilding effort in the UK, a classic poem by Robert Frost, coffee may help fight Alzheimer’s, Christmas market FOODS, the joys of Louis Prima’s music, and more…

Good News: A pact has been agreed in the UK to “turbo charge” rewilding efforts, combining the efforts of groups who hold over a third of all land in England! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A well-loved wintry poem by Robert Frost.

Good To Know: A GREAT bit of trivia about “The Twelve Days of Christmas”!

Good News: An Australian research group has shown a connection between coffee consumption and a reduction in the onset of Alzheimer’s Disease! Link HERE.

Wonderful World + Bon Appetit: Take a delightful guided tour of the wonders of Vancouver BC’s Christmas Market and the food therein, HERE.

Sounds Good: Today is the anniversary of the birth of the brilliant jazz entertainer, Louis Prima! Check him out live onstage with Keely Smith and Sam Butera & The Witnesses, HERE.

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