Episode 425: Protecting fungal networks, a lovely winter poem from Billy Collins, green energy is growing faster than ever, the joy of Ringo Starr, the musical splendor of Connee Boswell, and more…

Good News: Underground fungal networks are starting to be studied and protected in order to preserve them and understand their impact on the world, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A gorgeous poem about snow, from the brilliant Billy Collins.

Good To Know: Startling information about snow where you least expect it!

Good News: Great news from the International Energy Agency about the incredible growth of the renewable energy sector worldwide, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: A look around the marvels of the Munich Christmas Market in the falling snow! Link HERE.

Good Company: Spend some time in the affable, pleasant, very Good Company of Ringo Starr, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the phenomenally talented jazz singer Connee Boswell, one of Ella Fitzgerald’s idols. Catch Connee with her two sisters as the Boswell Sisters, HERE.

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