Episode 417: A new method to test blood for diabetes, a bizarre clothing fact, a breakthrough in prostate cancer treatment, swing dancing at Disneyland, the brilliant stride piano of Willie “The Lion” Smith, and more…

Good News: Cacti provide the science behind a new patch that can collect sweat to check blood levels for diabetics, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A delightful garden-themed quote about gratitude.

Good To Know: A truly odd bit of folklore about clothing.

Good News: A new means of treating drug-resistant forms of prostate cancer has been discovered and is being refined, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Spend a minute watching the delightful swing dancing that happens at Disneyland every single Saturday Night! Link HERE

Bon Appetit: One of the iconic foods of Disneyland is the corn dogs you get on Main Street! Listen to some great stories about this classic, HERE.

Sounds Good: Today is the anniversary of the birth of the great stride pianist Willie “The Lion” Smith! Watch and listen as he tells some stories and demonstrates his style, HERE.

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