Episode 402: Michael J. Fox’s great fundraising against Parkinson’s, a brilliant Twain quote, great news about green power in the EU, some brilliance from Phil Rosenthal, the vocals of Louis Armstrong, and more…

Good News: Michael J. Fox has raised over 1.5 BILLION dollars to find therapies and a cure for Parkinson’s Disease over the years, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A very timely quote from Mark Twain for today!

Good To Know: A hilarious bit of trivia about President Harry Truman…

Good News: For the first time ever, renewable energy sources overtook fossil-fuel power in the energy grids of Europe, Link HERE.

Wonderful World + Bon Appetit: Check out this outtake from the great show “Somebody Feed Phil” as the host, Phil Rosenthal, visits a brilliant little eatery in Dublin, HERE.

Sounds Good: More amazing jazz vocals, this time from the godfather of it all, Louis Armstrong! Watch (and listen) to him swing “I Cover The Waterfront” in Copenhagen in 1933, HERE

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