Episode 401: A startlingly positive discovery about tap water, more wisdom from Mark Twain, advances in Sierra Leone’s power supply, the beauty of Dublin, the genius of Kurt Elling, and more…

Good News: New research shows that tap water (NOT pure water!) has a way of reacting with plastics to keep them from breaking down into harmful micro plastics, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A classic quote from Mark Twain!

Good To Know: A genuinely surprising bit of trivia about President Rutherford B. Hayes…

Good News: Solar “microgrids” are bringing much-needed power to the nation of Sierra Leone’s rural regions, thanks to a program funded by the UK, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Kicking off a week of the beauty of Ireland, take a 4-minute stroll around the gorgeous capital city of Dublin, HERE.

Good One: Your weekly joke…

Sounds Good: Happy early birthday to the multi-award winning jazz vocalist, Kurt Elling! Check him out performing the classic “Nature Boy” backed by his trio and the Sydney Symphony Orchestra, Link HERE.

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