Episode 399: Edible London connects urban farms with the needy, a great Twain quote, the New York Public Library system eliminates late fees, Wynonie Harris shouts some jump blues, and more…

Good News: A young man in London had made a million meal’s-worth of farmed food during the pandemic as part of his project, Edible London! Find out more HERE.

The Good Word: Another fantastic quote from Mark Twain!

Good To Know: A two-fer of trivia about U.S. president Zachary Taylor.

Good News: The New York Public Library system has decided to completely remove late fees from their policies as a way to make library use more equitable, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Take a virtual flight over one of the loveliest bits of the coast of Southern California, Crystal Cove! Link HERE.

Good Times: On this date in 1886, the Statue of Liberty was dedicated! You can now take a virtual tour of it…find out how that tour was created HERE.

Sounds Good: One of the pillars of Jump Blues music was the amazing blues shouter Wynonie Harris! Listen to his classic recording “Rock Mister Blues” HERE.

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