Episode 394: A new way to recycle plastic, more poetry from Keats, a breakthrough in the fight against Lyme Disease, the beauty of Brisbane, the brilliance of Fayard Nicholas, and more…

Good News: A new means of recycling plastic, based on a plant enzyme, is being trialled with the hopes of revolutionizing the whole industry, Link HERE.

The Good Word: The next stanza of “To Autumn” by John Keats…

Good To Know: A surprising fact about the history of pumpkins!

Good News: Scientists have found a naturally-occurring antibiotic that could potentially eradicate Lyme Disease with no adverse side effects! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Explore the beauty of the Australian city of Brisbane from the air, Link HERE.

Good Times + Sounds Good: Listen to the fond reminiscences of the birthday boy, Fayard Nicholas, as he recounts his lifelong friendship with fellow tap dancer, Fred Astaire, HERE.

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