Episode 391: Tiger populations on the rebound, a beautiful autumn poem, a breakthrough in water purification, beautiful Sydney, the brilliant Wynton Marsalis, and more…

Good News: Amur Tiger populations in China are bouncing back from the brink, thanks to some great efforts on the part of the Chinese government, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A splendid autumn poem from Emily Bronte.

Good To Know: The first of a week’s worth of trivia about pumpkins!

Good News: An amazing new development in the area of water purification has far reaching implications for the whole world, Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Spend a few minutes soaring over the gorgeous Circular Quay in Sydney, Australia! Link HERE.

Good One: Your weekly good (?) joke…

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to one of themes important musicians in the world, the great Wynton Marsalis. Listen to him perform “Amazing Grace” HERE.

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