Episode 383: The Scottish Highlands are getting a rewilding project, the power of Easy Bake ovens, the beauty of Oahu’s windward side, the genius of Frank Sinatra with Ella Fitzgerald, and more…

Good News: A great initiative is on the way to add more forest to over 500,000 acres of the Scottish Highlands, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A beautiful thought from Helen Keller.

Good To Know: A pretty impressive fact about Easy Bake ovens.

Good News: A new form of product label is coming to Europe to help consumers know more about the ecological impact of their food purchases. Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Watch this breathtaking high-definition video footage of the gorgeous windward side of the island of Oahu, HERE.

Good For You (?): Check out this great video about some of the best poke to be had in Honolulu, Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Want some amazing music in your day? Behold the glory that is Frank Sinatra and Ella Fitzgerald duetting on some classics of American music, HERE.

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