Episode 367: Beijing is cleaning up its air, a surprising fact about strawberries, the brilliant National Gallery in London, late-night tortilla pizza from Kenji, the remarkable music of Obinrin Trio, and more…

Good News: Beijing and Hubei province have recorded their lowest levels of air pollution since record-keeping began! Link HERE.

The Good Word: A truly important quote to remember, from Albert Schweitzer.

Good To Know: Something you probably didn’t know about strawberries.

Good News: A new all-electric rail company is about to launch service between London and Edinburgh and at VERY reasonable prices! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Listen to Rick Steves explain some of the many marvels of London’s phenomenal National Gallery, HERE.

Bon Appetit: The late-night kitchen wizardry of J. Kenji Lopez-Alt is on full display as he makes a quick and tasty tortilla pizza, soon to be a staple on your menu! Link HERE.

Sounds Good: Obinrin Trio is a mysterious music group from Brazil, giving the world some hypnotically beautiful music. Listen HERE.

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