Episode 362: A newly discovered iguana in the Galapagos, a delightful quote from Albert Schweitzer, the perfect gin martini, Sarah Vaughan sings “Autumn In New York”, and more…

Good News: A team of scientists have recently completed a survey and conference to help preserve the recently discovered and endangered Pink Iguana, Link HERE.

The Good Word: A lovely quote from Dr. Albert Schweitzer…

Good To Know: A somewhat unsettling fact about your skin.

Good News: A “regenerative demonstration farm” in the Netherlands is showing the whole world how to rethink agriculture for a new age, Link HERE.

Bon Appetit: Learn how to mix the ideal martini, guided by one of the great bartenders of our age, Jim Meehan, Link HERE.

Wonderful World + Sounds Good: Take in the gorgeous sights of autumn in New York, and listen to Sarah Vaughn serenade you with the song of the same name, HERE.

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