Episode 361: A remarkable new “glue” for wounds, a lovely quote from Albert Schweitzer, the beauty of autumn leaves in Ireland, a great ode to Buddy Bolden from Wynton Marsalis, and more…

Good News: An apartment complex in New Orleans keeps the lights on after Hurricane Ida thanks to a solar array built into the roof! Link HERE.

The Good Word: An inspirational thought from the great Dr. Albert Schweitzer.

Good To Know: A mind-blowing fact about a simple deck of cards.

Good News: Engineering scientists have developed a remarkable new bio-adhesive for medical use, based on barnacles! Link HERE.

Wonderful World: Behold the splendor of the changing autumn leaves in Ireland, HERE.

Good One: Your weekly joke…

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the legendary New Orleans jazz pioneer, Buddy Bolden! Check out Wynton Marsalis and his Tentet playing Buddy Bolden’s Blues HERE.

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