Episode 360: Bearded vultures on the comeback, a little-known JRR Tolkien quote, some timely trivia, the majesty of Cologne Cathedral, and more…

Good News: Spain’s endangered Bearded Vultures are on the rebound thanks to conservation efforts! Link HERE

The Good Word: A truly quote from JRR Tolkien’s lesser known work “The Children of Hùrin”…

Good To Know: An great bit of trivia about the length of a day!

Good News: Leaded gasoline (petrol) is finally a thing of the global past, Link HERE

Wonderful World: Explore the overwhelming majesty of Cologne Cathedral and learn a thing or two along the way, HERE.

Good Company: Another ode to the King of Chat/Talk Shows, the great Graham Norton! Check out a heart-warming compilation HERE!

Sounds Good: Happy birthday to the late, brilliant jazz artist, Gerald Wilson! Check him out with his orchestra in 1962 performing his arrangement of Duke Ellington’s classic “Perdido”, HERE!

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